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  • Data-driven Efficiency

    The fitting algorithm from big data resource analyzes efficiency decisions to the manufacturing process and enhances the client’s operation to the maximum profit.

  • Smart Manufacturing

    The process innovation that employs computer controls, modeling, big data, AI and machine learning to improve manufacturing efficiencies. The integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems respond in real-time to meet conditions in the factory needs.

  • New Normal

    Because of the industries did not pause for the pandemic crisis, in some ways the digital service is supporting them. The question is, how do we avoid the old practices and start new normal enhancing this opportunity.

  • New normal

    in APC deployment.

  • Multi-mode MPC solution

    for Air Separation Units.

  • Polyolefins APC’s peak performance

    to automate highest productivity at lowest cost.

  • Exploit hidden benefits

    from LDPE/EVA reaction control.

  • Overcome productivity constraints

    in stirred bed gas phase polypropylene unit.

  • Achieve operational constraints

    with gas phase PE APC solution.

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  • Process Performance Improvement

    •    Advanced Process Control Specialist
    •    Process Control Optimization
    •    Process Performance Monitoring

  • Process Modeling Innovation Practices

    •    Polyolefins / Polyesters / Polyamides
    •    Elastomers/PC/PVC/PS/SAN/PEO/PPO
    •    Refinery and Petrochemicals

  • Integrated Sequence Operation Expert System

    •    Automated Executable SOP
    •    Early Abnormal Detection
    •    Automated Plant Operation

  • Industrial Big Data Analytics

    •    Smart Sensor for Predictive Failure
    •    Predictive / Prescriptive Analytics
    •    Machine Learning

  • Batch Optimal Control & Production Planning

    •    Top Product Quality & Efficiency
    •    Maximum productivity & safety
    •    Simple to modify recipe & sequence

  • Energy Network Optimization

    •    Balance Energy Production
    •    Optimal Energy Operation
    •    What-if Simulation

  • Internet of Things

    •    Supporting Industry 4.0
    •    Internet of Things (IOT)
    •    Cloud Computing Solutions

  • Operator Round Mobility Solutions

    •    Plant Mobile Data Management
    •    Turn Field Data into Digital
    •    Integrated Field Data Analytics

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New Coming Intelligent Technology

Deep-Learning Process Control

Marketing is increasingly data-driven. Artificial intelligence helps transform data into an immensely valuable and strategic asset for marketers.

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